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Wifey and Taco Bell

My wifey and I have been through it all. And I mean, everything. She’s my rock. My common sense. My shoulder to cry on and my my biggest supporter. She’s one of verrrrryy few people who keep it real with me 100% of the time for 100% of the situations. She’s literally seen me at my very worst: crawling to the bathroom to throw up when I was in DKA and refusing to go to the ER. She is the sister I never had, so I did the next best thing- I made her my wifey! haha

It was weird how we met; We lived in NC together for a few years while our (at the time) husbands (well she’s still married…) were deployed- we were all each other had. This was during a time when my diabetes was completely out of control. When I say “out of control” I mean it. I’m talking it didn’t matter if I had a huuuuge bowl of pasta to carb count for, or only ate salads for a week- my sugars were INSANE. Looking back I think it was a mixture of being an 18 year old military wife to a deployed husband, going to college and holding down 2 part time jobs…talk about stress numbers right?!?

With all that insanity- Wifey was the only one I could rely on. I had moved 12 hours away from my family, my friends, my doctors…my life. And somehow…she made that all okay…even with the betes!

Not going to lie…There were a few times when I’d have to go to the ER (either by driving there ((which I totally shouldn’t have done) getting a ride (usually wifey) or taking an ambulance, and after being admitted for a few days: I’d leave AMA. Now I’d like to point out a few things here…

I never left to “prove a point” like my mother thought for so long. (I knew I was a tough person prior to being admitted…how did that help?) I would leave once I knew I was control again. Granted…during this time “control” was a loaded word for me with the betes. But I’d leave because I hadn’t been fed in 48 hours!!!

When you’re in DKA…eating is pointless. You throw it back up. I got that. Locked and loaded. However, I’m still human! And when my sugars were back in the normal range, and I was no longer on IV insulin, and hadn’t thrown up in over 36 hrs- for the love of cheese- FEED ME! Ice chips can only satisfy you for so long and after the effects of being in DKA had worn off (and someone tell me if I’m wrong) but my appetite was back with vengeance!

For those of you who don’t know- let me try to describe it reeeeaaal quick (and maybe I’ll make my next post about it exclusively)…being in DKA feels like you’re drying up from the inside. It feels like your organs are shutting down, giving up, yet you’re body keeps on semi-functioning. It’s like watching a water balloon going from “full” to “empty”. You feel like you’re dehydrated from the inside- out. And it’s a pain like I can’t even begin to describe… Wifey knew this…

Wifey would bring Taco Bell.

Yup. Freaking Taco Bell. I know a lot of yall, will criticize that and that’s fine. (Remember, I carb count everything!) But damnit I needed food! and Taco Bell has always, is still, and will always be my go-to-comfort-food. She knew that. My wifey would come to the hospital, Taco Bell in her purse, hand me my crunchwrap supreme under the thin blanket and it’d already have my fire sauce on it. That’s love. (and perhaps the reason I’m single…how can I look at all she’s done for me and expect that in a guy?!) But that’s my wifey.

I’ll get into more about leaving “Against Medical Advice” but the point is- as messed up as my body was, and as scary as my life at that point was- I had and still have my wifey. I get scared when I hear of betics not having that person for them. It’s those times when I realize how truly lucky I am.

I may not have it all. Craaaaap,  I may not have much. But I have my wifey. And now I’m living back close to my parents and life-long friends who will tell me when I need to get a life-check. At the end of the day, it’s my support system who has gotten me through each and every day. I can’t imagine where I’d be without them…and Taco Bell.

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