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SugarDrunk: /sug-are-duh-runk/ adjective

When one is sober, but having the same symptoms of being intoxicated by several alcoholic beverages. This may include, but is not limited to- slurring of speech, mumbling incoherently, stumbling and random outbursts of emotion. “She was so sugardrunk, she kept asking why the squirrels steal her car keys”

Haha, no but really! I can’t even tell you how many times I have been sugardrunk. I’ll be fine, sugar on the higher side, but everything fairly normal then next thing I know- hours have gone by and I can’t account for them at all! What happened?! Oh, ya know, no biggie just got a little “sugar drunk”. Ugh. My friends are use to it by now, which is a good thing. They’ll have me test my sugar and start some insulin flowing through Ollie’s PDM. Then, it’s just the waiting game. When my sugar comes back to a normal level, they’ll tell me all about the crazy things I said, and how I tried to call my brother using the remote control. Fun times…

Not going to lie, it’s a little scary. I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to remember things they’ve said or done! It hapens to me more at night than any other time and usually by the time I’m coming back down to normal numbers, I’m feeling so crappy that all I want to do is sleep anyhow. But you know how it is- the cotton-mouth, the dizziness, the feeling like you’re being sucked dry from the inside, out. Then to top it off with embarrassing stories about the stupid stuff you said and did! No good.

I hear more often that people act drunk when they’re sugar is low. I can see that happening as well. I get all “mehhhhhh” and dizzy for a minute but then I eat. Everything in sight. 15g of carb when my sugar is low? I’m sorry you must’ve meant to tell me “1,500 g of carb”! (I know, I know, that’s bad. But in my defense, all I want at that time is for my sugar to be higher and to stop feeling like a shaky, little leaf! Anyway, I sure can’t think straight when my numbers are low. I have to concentrate reeeeeaaaaal hard on any one task to get it done and I’ve been told I look at people like they’re crazy when talking to me. I could see how that could be seen as “drunken” behavior. So boom- sugardrunk can be either when your numbers are high or low and you’re acting like you hit the bottle a little too hard.

Thankfully, since my sugars have been under better control here recently, I haven’t had as many SD episodes. I plan to keep it that way! While my friends are champs at taking care of me, I have a feeling that one day I’ll find a video floating on the web of me saying and doing some wacky stuff. Hey, at least they get entertained while they’re having to take care of me!


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