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Stress Numbers

I dye my hair. When people (specifically my mother) ask my “why?” the answer is simple: as much as I’d like to think I can pull off any look…. at 25-  grey may not be my best color. With as stressful as life has been lately (t1d not helping with this any) I am 99.436% positive I’d be rocking some greys by now if it weren’t for my lovely, once a month, hair coloring ritual.  What’s worse than having some greys is –  when life goes crazy, those sugar numbers go BIZARK!!!

Like everyone, I have really good days and some reeeeaaaaally bad ones. In case the look on my face isn’t enough to clue you in on how my day is- check my recent sugars. 9 times out of 10, those (usually) 3 digit numbers are a very good indication of the kind of day I’m having.

It’s an evil cycle those stress numbers. I start stressing about something so the sugars rise and I start popping some horrible numbers, the worse the numbers, the more I stress, the more I stress the higher my sugar goes. Evil- I tell ya!! What makes this even more fun is that when I’m bugging out- I work myself up to the point where I feel physically sick. And for those of us with the betes, when your sugar is high you feel sick anyway. So now, I feel doubley sick and continue to unintentionally make my sugars worse!

People have suggested meditation and while that sounds great in theory, I start thinking about having to sit there with my eyes closed and mind blank….and yup, you guessed it- I start freaking out about how I’m going to manage keeping my head clear for that long. Okay, okay, I may sound a tad bit nuts but until I learn how to keep myself in a woo-saaa state long enough to allow the meditation to work, or until I figure out a way to stop letting life get to me in the first place – I have a feeling my meter will continue to test in “over drive” during the stressful time and!! my hair will continue to be dyed.


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