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Sodium Poisoning

Hypernatremia: noun.  hy-per-na-tre-mia :  the presence of an abnormally high concentration of sodium in the blood

A smidgeybit back, Moony wanted to make dinner. It was a crazy, sweet gesture. It’s something that I’m definitely not used to. I’m the kinda gal that takes care of people and I am not used to being taken care of. In fact, people doing things for me kind of makes me uncomfortable… But anywhoooo…. Never before did I know that sodium poisoning was a real thing. And then… he made dinner. And suddenly- sodium poisoning was VERY REAL. Okay, okay, granted I might not have actually got sodium poisoning but holy crap – it felt like it! Let me tell you…that was one interesting dinner. He made pork chops. And usually I love pork chops! I love food in general. And who am I kidding…especially when I don’t have to make it! Bahahaha But! I. Thouht. I. Was. Going. To. Die. It was sooo salty that I had to choke it down with way too much wine and was swollen as all get out the next morning. (No, seriously, I couldn’t get my rings off!!!)

I feel like that’s a lot how diabetes is- you try to do everything “right” and somehow; something still goes wrong. I can’t even tell you how many times I carb count alllll day, test my sugar and still end up with these stupid high numbers that make absolutely no sense.

It can be frustrating. (As I’m sure it was for him to have made dinner and have it end up the way it did…sorry Moony, but you know it’s true) I swear that some days, the Diabetic Gods are just against us! There are days when I start to not feel so hot- so I expect some higher numbers. When I know it’s coming- I’m able to test more and make sure that I stay where I need to be. Buuut, on those days where it just makes no sense- yes, I still test more, but I end up getting frustrated about, which in turn- does not help my sugars.

This has been one of the biggest problems that I’ve had with past endocrinologists. They’d look at my log and actually get mad at me for some of the numbers. I’ve even been accused of skipping shots back in the day! No sir, I do not want to die tonight. But thanks for making crazy accusations.

Sometimes things just don’t go as planned. I feel like that’s life. We as betics control as much as we can, but at the end of the day – we can’t control everything. Moony (to the best of my knowledge) didn’t mean to try to kill me with salt…and I sure never mean to have numbers not in my range.

I think that it’s only a failure, when you stop trying. And as betics? Pshh we don’t have that luxury. Keep on keepin’ on betics!

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