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Skunk Dog

There's my skunky pooch!

There’s my skunky pooch!

The other night, my beautiful dog- Sushi- got sprayed by a skunk. It was an intense, weird, chaotic, smelly string of events for the rest of the night. Dog hair everywhere, lots of cursing and the need for many candles shortly ensued.

I feel like this is how life is with diabetes. Calm, calm, calm -BOOM FREAKINGFRACKING INSANITY! Lately, my sugars have been totally nutty. I’ll have good numbers all day and then out of nowhere- I’ll spike to 500 or down to 40! What kind of sense does that make? None I tell ya. That’s how it felt last night.

As stupid as it probably is, this really got me thinking. I’ve always said “everything happens for a reason“.  It’s helped me get past some of the things that have happened in my life. Lately, I’ve been really down about having the betes…it doesn’t help that life itself has been, well? Sucky here recently. But the diabetes factor has definitely been taking it’s toll.

I try to think back to before I had diabetes. Back to when life didn’t involve 32,543 math equations, needles, test strips, insulin, and every else that goes with the lovely life with the betes. It’s weird, and reminds me of Sushi getting sprayed by that evil skunk. And just like Sushi (after she was bathed and not as smelly) once the storm was done, things calmed to almost like it never happened.

It’s hard to explain to a non-betic person…but for those who can relate: when your sugar goes haywire- life is intense. It’s scary, painful, and all you want is for it to end. Then, once it’s over- life kind of begins again. This isn’t to say that you forget how you felt, or what you learned from it, but : Life goes on.

To control your diabetes, I’m beginning to think is as crazy as a skunk getting sprayed at midnight. All you want to do is lay down (literally) and plug your nose. Or, hide your meter and pretend that blood sugar wasn’t reeeeaally yours. Then, the sensible part of you kicks in and you realize- it’s just a little hurdle. Just ooonnneee more small little hump for you to get over. Just another bump in the road to the rest of your life. That’s diabetes. It sucks. It’s horrible. But like anything else – you have to deal with it and move on. Trudge through. Or as I usually say “suck it the eff up!!”.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of “sucking it up” with betes. Everyday, in fact, I would say there’s times you need to just accept it and move on. But if my faithful pup isn’t scared to go back outside and potentially see Evil Skunk again, there’s no reason I can’t pick myself up everyday and keep on keeping on. After all, “This too shall pass”.

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