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((Side Note))

Some people think it’s weird that I name my cars (currently I have Bruce and before that was Carlos) Then,  they find out I also named my coffee maker (Kenny) and my fridge (Ralph). All of a sudden? The car doesn’t seem so weird does it? haha When I first got my Omnipod, I had a hard time accepting it. (see one of my first posts: gettin over the pump slump) Part of what helped me was accepting that he was now a part of me. Soo – I named him. Ollie. Ollie the OmniPod.

My friends and family are used to me and so roll with my weirdness. New people however…ehhhh…ya never know how that’s going to go.

Most people seem to embrace it though. Which in my mind, is really the only way to handle the situation…and my weirdness. I also think that making the pump a new little family member helped me out.

Throughout my posts I refer to my pod as Ollie so thought maybe I should actually take a second and give some kind of explanation.

After all, I promised honesty in this blog- not normalcy! 

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