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Pump Case = Cute Clutch

Taking my pump case out for the evening!

Taking my pump case out for the evening!

Since the beginning, I’ve hated having to carry around a massive bag to keep all my diabetic supplies in. Of course, back when I was diagnosed, I didn’t have Ollie (my Omipod) so I had to carry: insulin vial, needles, alcohol swabs, tester, lancing device, extra lancets, extra test strips, glucose tabs and carb. And that was before the “normal” people things were added!

Now, it’s a bajillion times easier! My tester and my PDM are one, (Woot woot!) my insulin is attached to me, (Go Ollie!) and I recently purchased a Sugar Medical case to store it all in. So when I go out for the evening, now all I have to do is transfer everything into my “Ollie Pouch” and I’m good to go! (This is assuming, that I’m going somewhere that I can get to carb quickly if needbe)

Here’s what I do: 1. Make sure I have enough test strips before I leave the house. 2. Make sure my PDM has battery life. 3. Add a sugary something-or-other , my ID and my credit card into the zippered pouch inside. 4. Slide my lip color of the night into the remaining slot spot. 5. Pop my keys into the pocket. 6. Zip it all up. 7. Put my cell phone into the outside pocket. BAM!

For me, it’s as easy as that! I usually have my  normal purse in the car and in there I’ll have an extra Ollie, emergency carb and more sugar snacks. But take it from me, with this case having a wrist strap and zipping completely up- it’s amazing! I have everything I need with me at all times, without knocking people over with my day-to-day suitcase. I mean, purse.

Best part, Sugar Medical has some really cute designs! People never even know I hold my life-line in my clutch. It’s a win-win all around!

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