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Ollie went Overseas

Cliffs of Maher

Cliffs of Maher

Last week, Moony and I took an adventure to Ireland! Needless to say, when we first booked it- i was beyond excited. A 6 day Ireland adventure with my best friend? Yes. I was sold.

I honestly hadn’t even thought about the diabetic aspect of it until about a month out. Would security be different since I was going to another country? Would customs be tough with the insulin and pods? It sure wasn’t going to stop me (I was going to see rogue sheep after all!!) but it did stop and make me think for a little bit. I decided that since I was going to be seeing my endo (who, by the way, I need to talk about because this guy is awesome!) I’d ask him if he had heard anything about traveling lately with pumps and betic supplies.

Sooo- I did! After the usual talk of sugars and schedules and A1C and all, I asked if he had any tips for traveling internationally. He didn’t say too much (he’s not a man of many words)but he did mention that he had a patient who went to Italy recently and had requested a letter from his office stating that he had Type 1 Diabetes and needed to  be allowed to carry his insulin and supplies and wear his pump at all times. Hmm. Didn’t sound like a shabby idea. With letter in hand, I left his office pretty confident and feeling good about the trip.

The day of the trip – we both woke up like little kids on Christmas morning! We were pretty much packed (just had to put toothbrushes and little things that we were still using in) and the countdown to take off began! We got to the airport insanely early since we didn’t know what to expect. In hindsight, we probably could’ve gotten there 4 hours  later and still been a-okay but better safe than sorry!

Let’s talk security. It was easy. The end.

No, really! It was crazily easy. Whenever I fly to Houston to see my wifey and go through security there’s a short little process that I’ve always had to do now that I’m on the pods. For some reason though when flying to Ireland, all I had to do was walk through the metal detector and BAM- I was done. Seriously, that was it. I’m not complaining by any means but I was a little surprised.

On the other hand, the smooth process really did start the trip off on the right foot! We had an absolute blast driving around the country and seeing as much as we could. AND I got to see my friends the sheep! =)

Declan the sheep

Declan the sheep!

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