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Ollie Recall

Ollie's insides!

Ever wondered what an OmniPod looks like on the inside? I found out for us haha

Yesterday I got a call from a weird number…naturally I didn’t pick up. (stranger danger!!) I listened to the voicemail and it was a message on Insulet Corporation about my Omnipods. Apparently, there’s a voluntary recall on some of the pods. My next action? I Google-d. This is what I found:  (excerpts from Omnipod voluntary recall info )

“Insulet Corporation (Insulet or the Company) initiated a lot-specific voluntary recall of 40,846 boxes (10 Pods per box) of the OmniPod (Pod) Insulin Management System. This field corrective action is due to the possibility that some of the Pods from these lots may have a higher rate of failure than Insulet’s current manufacturing standards. This recall does not affect the OmniPod Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM).”

I kept on reading…

“There are two ways in which these Pods can fail at a rate that is higher than Insulet’s current standard. The cannula may either completely retract or fail to fully deploy, which may result in the patient not receiving the expected insulin dose. Or the Pod may trigger an audible alarm indicating it will no longer deliver insulin and will need to be replaced. Both situations can result in the interruption of insulin delivery that can cause hyperglycemia, which, if left untreated, can result in diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).”

Now a couple things starting running through my head… 1. AHHH!! 2. how awesome it was that they called and left a voicemail to let people know 3. how I needed to remember to check my boxes when I got home!

I called them back and they explained step-by-step the process! I have never had a problem with OmniPod, Insulet, or any derivative of. It’s awesome!! Things going smooooothly – is not my norm. It’s nice to be attached (pun intended) to a company that makes things so easy for its’ clients. Bravo OmniPod!!

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