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Naked Blind Dates

Yup, that’s what I’d rather go on than the first appointment with a new endocrinologist.

One of the things I liked about my last Endo was that the place he was in, didn’t smell like a medical facility. Probably sounds weird, but when you’ve spent so many (added all together) months in ER’s, ICU’s and other various areas of hospitals – the last thing you want is to just be seeing your doctor for a regular visit and having it smell like you’re about to put a hospital gown on and an IV in. (For those of you who have been through this, you know what I’m talking about. For those who haven’t – I know I now have you wondering if I’m crazy) So as I’m walking into the new medical building, I’m hit with The Smell. And then I see all the white walls and hear the buzz of people chattering away. My stomach flipped.

I managed to find the right foor, and right room and let the receptionist know I was there for my appointment. I was prepared to receive armfuls of paperwork to fill out (pshh I did hand exercises in the car getting pumped for it!)…but none came. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should like this. Shouldn’t they want a full medical history? Don’t they want to know what other fun medical issues I have or who in my family has what else? It was…odd. But, I didn’t ask questions (since that’s why I needed a new Endo in the first place!!) and decided to sit down and await my “death gong”.

Death Gong – noun- the noise you mentally hear when something bad is about to happen to you.

I wasn’t waiting for too long before the nurse called my name and I walked toward the white hallway of doom. Luckily, I hadn’t heard the death gong though! “This is going to be alright”, I thought as I smiled politely at the nurse and followed her down into a room that smelled like feet. After taking my height, weight, blood pressure and temperature, the nurse asked what medicals I was currently taking. “Novolog and Lisinopril” “Novolog?” “Yes ma’am.” “Spell it.” “N-o-v-o-l-o-g.” “What’s that for?” DEATH GONG

Please note: I do not, under any circumstances, except everyone in the world to know what Novolog is. However, when you’re a nure at an endo?! ahhhhh!!

I felt the sweat beading on my forehead and the urge to text my dad to come save me sink in. Instead, I smiled and said “for my diabetes ma’am”.

The rest of the visit went…okay. My new Dr. was nice and although you could tell she was annoyed with my A1C – didn’t scream at me too much. I told her how I had no doctors of any kind any longer, and though you knew she wanted t pry, she didn’t ask questions, didn’t have any smart remarks and let me just explain what was going on.

Even though, I hate to admit it, I had been out of test strips for about a month when I met with this doctor. I wasn’t yelled at though! She actually gave me strips and new scripts so I could do what I needed to do to survive.

When I walked back out to my dad in the waiting room….I nodded. He smiled. That was all I needed to see. I’ve had so many horrible, outrageous and down right awful visits with doctors in the past 16 years that me being able to nod my head, my dad not only know what it meant but to smile – – –  was all I needed.

I may have lost the Endocrinologist I liked. And I have may have had some rough beginnings to my new one….but!!! I only heard the “death gong” once. And I found someone who was okay with me not only not being perfect, but also being honest.

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