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My Bad…

I haven’t posted in forever. Fooooreeeevvvveerrrr. Sorry! Life has been nuts! In a nutshell- since my last post, I’ve gotten married to Moony and we’ve had a little baby girl! A human one!

So in the next week or so, I’ll be flooding this with things I had written before the pregnancy, during, and now after! Don’t worry, it’s not all prego related but I realized while being all waddly and carrying around our baby, that I didn’t really have anywhere to turn to (beside my drs of course) about being betic AND prego. So, naturally, I’ll include some of the craziness that went along with that.

When I say “craziness” -I truly mean that. (insert that big-eyed, blush-faced emoji here)

Stay tuned! I’m baaaaaaack

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