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Moony was Mad

“I’m still mad at t1d since last night” 

Yup. That’s a real quote from Moony. (Don’t mind the nicknames) He, like so many other people, didn’t fully understand the struggles that come along with Type 1. We were talking one night about the upcoming walk, and the team shirts and blah, blah and I could tell it was actually bothering him. Not the walk of course, but the whole situation to why the walk was needed. After we got off the phone that night…that was the text I got in the morning.

mad pic

Needless to say, a text from him saying that did make me smile…but also got me thinking. I get frustrated with my betes for sure! And almost daily do I try to imagine life without it. (Ironically as I type this…my pump flat-lines. Go figure) But am I mad at it? I don’t know…

I always say that since three out of four of my grandparents had Diabetes that either my brother or myself was destined to have it. So if it’s going to be me or him? I’ll take it. My brother is a strong man. Physically, mentally, the whole nine yards. But one thing he doesn’t do so well with? Rules. And sadly, a major part of having diabetes is having to follow rules. I can’t pretend I follow every rule, every day. But I do try to do my best. And being on the pump now means there are less rules I need to make sure I abide by.

Before my pump, I had to make sure I was up at 6am every day to take my shot of Levimir (later I switched to Lantus). I had to make sure I did my second shot of the “24” hour insulin at 9pm. In between I needed to do shots of Regular (which later became Humalog, and lastly Novolog) after every time I ate, and anytime my sugar was high. The pump definitely has helped with some of the strictness of my sleep schedule…

But even with the more relaxed schedule Ollie allows- I don’t think my brother Rossimus would be willing to do what needs to be done! THAT would make me mad. The fact that other people have it makes me mad. I’m mad that people don’t understand what all we go through…but in the same breath- t1d has helped make me who I am. And I think I’ve turned out okay so I can’t be too mad at betes for that!

I guess in short- I am mad that Diabetes exists. I am mad that there are so many stigmas attached with it. I am mad there aren’t as many SF ice cream flavors!

BUT I’m glad that other people are getting mad about it too.

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