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Little Diabetic Feet

Ya know how I’ve said I do stupid things? Well, unfortunately I have another example of that.

Couple weekends ago I went to Moony’s high school reunion. (I think I should get major points for this) After bringing about 12 different options to his house- I landed on a black dress and some fun, blue heels. Everything was going went well until we were back at his friend’s house and I was told we were going to the bar. “It’s right down the street” Okay, no biggie-I was down to walk- game on! (Note: I walk in heels all day at work, 6 days a week for up to 10 hours a day.) So sometime along the walk I got a rock in my heel under the ball of my foot. And for the life of me I couldn’t get it out! On the walk back to the parking garage, after being at the bar for a few hours, hanging out and dancing  – it was hurting soo bad I was limping and walking like a weirdo. I got scooped like a sack o’ potatoes and carried. Ahh, much  better.

The next morning I realized my foot was bleeding and had two decent size cuts in it.  Grrrr.

Here’s where my stupidity kicked in…

We were heading to a Renaissance Faire and I was in little-kid mode! I was excited as all get out and wanted to leeeeaaaave ASAP! So even after I saw the cuts and the bleeding, I kinda wiped it off and put my socks and boots and was ready to rock n’ roll! Moony wasn’t happy about this…telling me to take off my boot and we’d clean it-but! I was ready to go! So I didn’t take off the boot, and socks and clean it like I should’ve. (stupid decision #1)

At the Ren. Faire- my foot was hurting. Course, I couldn’t really tell Moony that because he would tell me how he was right (he was). So I painfully got through the day (stupid decision #2) and later that night when I got home I cleaned it up, and threw some band-aids on it.

Now, I knew I had been dumb. I know that betics are prone to foot problems. I knooowww that a large number of percentage of betics undergo non-traumatic amputation. (Usually, this occurs after diabetic neuropathy renders them unable to feel foot injuries) So for me to not have cleaned and checked it out immediately- dumb. Really dumb.

Needless to say, I heard about it from Moony (I can’t get away with anything when it comes to him! haha) But he’s good about it. He gives me a hard time about them, looks at my healing cuts and then rubs what he calls my “little diabetic feet”.

Since my momentary lapse in judgement, I’ve been keeping an eye on the cuts and they’re healing up very well! Woot woot! But this whole thing made me start thinking about my feet, and therefore, my socks. Truth be told- I rarely wear socks. I’m in heels at work, and usually barefoot or in slippers at home. Weirdly though, I have a ton of socks! Because when I’m in a “sock mood” I like options haha. I love knee high socks, especially in the winter! I love funky ankle socks to wear to the gym or taking Sushi hiking. But I also do have a few pairs of “Diabetic Socks”.

Diabetic sockssocks that are made to keep the feet dry, decrease risk for foot injury, and avoid preventing or slowing blood circulation. They are usually made of materials that don’t absorb moisture, are fitted, padded, non-binding, and don’t have seams.

I was always told by my podiatrist that as long as I had no issues with my feet, I could wear whatever comfortable socks I wanted as long as they weren’t tight, constricting, lumpy or have rough seams. That’s easy enough. Of course, taking care of my feet in general- easy. After that weekend- I’l be making a conscious effort to make better decisions when it comes to my feet. They’re too important to play around with! And there’s nothing gained from mistakes unless you learn from them right?! Ya have to keep moving forward- and having both my feet will make the forward motion easier!

So from now on, I’ll be better about my “little diabetic feet”!

Newest socks to my funky sock collection! Diabetic friendly <3

Newest socks to my funky sock collection! Diabetic friendly <3

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