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Kool Aid

Sooo Moony calls me “Kool Aid”. It’s weird. I dig it. haha One day he tells he got me a little something. Interesting... After he says that,  he tells me he wants it to be a surprise so he won’t tell me what it is… Not an hour later he sent me a picture of what it was. (Apparently surprises aren’t his forte) It was a “Kool Aid Liquid”. Cherry flavored. It was cute. Kinda, sorta odd- but cute. THEN! He goes:  “0 sugar”. Boom. “Cute” just turned to “awesome”

I can't even make this stuff up

I can’t even make this stuff up!!

(I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: the way to my heart…very well might be through my stomach)

It’s not common that non-betics get me anything edible. (except my parents and wifey) It doesn’t bother me. I get it. If I wasn’t a betic, I think I’d be a little leery about buying edible things for betics. Sugar Free vs. No Sugar Added is still a debate I have with people. We’re going to give him the benefit of the doubt here, and assume he got it since it was in fact SF.

Now, I didn’t know this even existed! If I do a water additive type o’ thing, I usually do Crystal Light. (I think it’s the first sugar free I ever had actually. I remember having it in the hospital after being diagnosed.) It’s  just always been my fall back. I started thinking about how many products are out there – that I have no clue about! I’m a pretty adventurous person- I’ll give just about anything a whirl, so after getting this- I as intrigued to know what other sugar free options there were out there that I simply had no idea about! Soo… I googled. When in doubt? I google. Trying to prove a point? I google. So it was no different with this- I googled.

With all my google-ing I realized that there were soooo many different brands that I hadn’t even heard of, let alone tried! It was crazy!  I ordered a few different drink mixes online and look forward to seeing how they actually taste once they come in.

I feel like it’s always something strange and random that sets me off to finding something new. And this time was no different.

I think it’s important to always remember how one thing can always lead to another…and how one small Kool Aid liquid mix can lead to so many other possibilities (thanks to Google) but also thanks to being adventurous- which very well might be a necessity for being diabetic!

Life is too short as it is. And when you’re a betic, you may not be able to always take advantage of life 110%. That  being said – I refuse to settle for mediocre SF drink mixes or anything else in that matter! Explore. Try. And then let everyone else know! Without Moony and his silly little “surprises” I would’ve been missing out… I can’t afford to let you do the same!

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