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JDRF One Walk in Beacon

This past Saturday the Bean’s Betes team walked in the One Walk in Beacon, NY. It was raining, cold, and had the threat of a hurricane. Yup, you read that correctly – a hurricane. But my team was there and representing proudly! We had 12 people walking and braving the weather for such a great cause.

Team Bean's Betes!

Team Bean’s Betes!

The turn out as a whole wasn’t as amazing as last year but none the less, it was incredible to see the outpouring of love and support from people. Omnipod had the booth right in front of mine and it was nice to see family’s taking information on something I believe sooo strongly in now!

The DJ kept tunes playing as grown adults and children alike, danced in the rain and walked to vendors. At my Bean’s Betes booth, we tried to keep spirits up as well! Giving out goodie bags, jam-packed with notebooks, pencils, SF candy, SF drink mix and a bag of chips.

The bags about to be assembled!

The bags about to be assembled!

Even with all the rain, and mud, and blah weather- it was a success! We all raised money as a whole, spread awareness as a team, and most likely all caught a cold together! haha

Some of the crew, freezing but still reppin!

Some of the crew, freezing but still reppin!

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