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General Mac(allan) N’ Cheese

About a month ago, Moony and I got a puppy! Meet General Macallan Cheese! (I call him Mac n’ Cheese)


In addition to having the puppy around, I’ve been trying to test my sugars more, see my doctors more and really stay on tippy-top of everything betes related. Needless to say, this all has added some time and stress to my day.

The extra testing has put some strain on my wallet as well since strips are so danged expensive! But we do what we have to do right? Juuuuust like this little puppy. We don’t want him peeing in the house? Well then we better walk him a bajillion times. We want my sugars under better control and my A1C dropping? Well then I better test more.

I’ve really had to retrain myself, so I feel like I’m right there with Mac. I got out of the habit in the past few years about not testing 2 hours after meals- well, that’s bad. And I should’ve been testing 2 hrs after the whole time. My excuse? Work. Life. No time. Blah blah blah. Could I use that excuse when Mac pees in the house? No. So how come I allowed to be the reason I couldn’t take better care of myself? Doesn’t make sense does it? So, I stopped it. I stopped making excuses for my shortcuts.

I can’t give Mac n’ Cheese all the credit, but this little (or not so little – he’s becoming a beast!) munchkin-squishy-face has helped me not only with  my patience but with prioritizing again – and in doing that: I’ve made my sugars back on the top of that list.

Puppy Lovin' Sushi and Mac

Puppy Lovin’ Sushi and Mac

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