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Enough is enough

I’m a firm believer in and preacher of “no one ever promised fair”.  Point blank. But sometimes even I sit there like “you’ve got to be kidding me universe!” As of said before I was the poster child for anti-pump living. “Was” being the key word there. Now, as I stare at my pdm screen reading;


I’m furious. Legit, furious. Let’s back up a smidgeybit and paint the scene: It’s Saturday. A HUGE day for the car industry. I’m not feeling that great. As I sit at my desk after our daily meeting, and finally breathe for a moment (I was running late to work and the whole morning was a frantic, hectic blur) I hear a high pitched…flatline. “There’s no freeeaaaakin way that’s me” I thought. I just changed my pod last night! I walk to my coworker Elijah’s desk and ask him to listen to my love handles. Yes. That really happened. (The first time he was probably a little confused it now? Pshhh it’s nothing. He knows that’s where I put my pumps and knows what it means when I “flatline”)

“It’s not you” he says….then listens again. “But what IS that?!” At least now I know I’m not going crazy. He gets up, and while he does my manager walks by and hears it as well.

Now, we all look like idiots walking near my desk trying to find the “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP”

As luck would have it? It was my PDM in my purse screaming that awful song. This was a new one for me. I take out the PDM and there was that awful screen. So, I call the customer service number like it was telling me to and after talking to 3 different people, it’s decided I have to mail them my current PDM and they’ll send me a new one. In the meantime? I was forced to go back to injections.

Now, injections don’t typically bother me having had done it for so many years and so many times a day. What did bother me was now having to try to hunt down some needles so that I could shoot my Novolog. What also bothered me was the fact I had no 24 hr insulin. No Levemir. No Lantus. Just me, a busted pump system, a couple spare needles, and a fast acting insulin.

I survived the weekend and got my new PDM that Monday with OmniPod’s help. However, the whole thing left me pissed off and confused as to why there was no back-up plan for a PDM failing. How about an app on your phone? How about some kind of over-ride that temporarily allows some kind of use? Gahhh it’s frustrating! But! It was a good lesson learned:

I definitely need to keep more spare syringes around!

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