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Easy Chicken Curry

I am NOT one for complicated dishes because, let's face it - when I get home from work and grab up the jellyfish, I need dinner to be on the table in less than 45 min. Buuuuut this one is super yummy and even though it takes longer than my weeknight dinners usually take, jellyfish can't eat it anyway! haha so! I whip up something quick and easy for them that they don't typically get for dinner (Dino nuggets, anyone?) and then make this for me and Moony to eat later.

Here goes!


- roughly 3 tbsp coconut oil

- 1/2 onion (I've used yellow and white)

- 2-3 tbsp minced ginger (they have some in a squeeze tube)

- small jar of red curry paste

- 4 cloves garlic

- 4 tsps curry powder

- 3 tsps coriander

- 1 bell pepper (I've used yellow and red)

- 1 lb boneless, skinless chicken.

- salt and pepper

- 1 can coconut milk

- fresh lime

- some chopped cilantro if wanted

- some chopped cashews if wanted

- 2 tsps fish sauce ( I know I was scared too haha)

First, chunk your chicken into 1" pieces (ish. For me, it's never perfect but I like this smaller size for cooking purposes) Then, heat up 2 tbsps of the coconut oil over a medium-high heat and add in the chopped onion. Let it simmer and stir it around until it starts to turn golden. Then, add in the ginger and garlic and stir it all together. After just a few minutes, lower the heat and add in the curry paste, curry powder, and coriander. Let it all cook together for 3-4 min stirring often.

Pump the heat back up to medium-high and add in the last tbsp of coconut oil, and the chopped up bell pepper. Once the pepper is softened, add in your chicken and salt and pepper to taste. Stir that often and let the chicken get coated with all the yumminess. Chicken should start to brown but not be cooked throughout. (Probably about 5 min)

Next, pour in the coconut milk, fish sauce, and squeeze a lime into it! Stir it alllll together and let it cook some until it's thickened up and chicken it cooked through.

Serve with whatever you'd like! Pictured is whole grain rice but it'd be more traditionally served with basmati rice. I served this one with store bought naan bread and sprinkled with cilantro and some cashews!

** note- the second and third times I made this I've also added red pepper flakes while cooking to bump up the heat a little bit.

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