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Duct Tape

As my older brother will tell you- “Duct tape fixes everything“.  I usually laugh and shake my head while I’d look at his latest contraption, all suited up with duct tape and faith.

Recently, I found out just how right my brother was! (However, if asked if he was ever right, I will avidly deny that I ever made such a statement)

I have amazing bosses. No, I’m not saying that in case they stumble across this…I just genuinely have the best bosses that anyone could ask for. (For example, after only 3 months of working my job I was having MAJOR issues with my blood sugars. ((TMI WARNING)) When I get my ever-so-lovely monthly “friend” – my sugars are absolutely bonkers. So, my body decided to send me into a complete tail-spin. After a few hours of realizing I couldn’t bring my 500s down on my own, I went to my general manager.

“What’s the protocol if an employee needs to go to the ER?” “Is this a hypothetical situation?” “Not necessarily…”

Before I could call my parents, my boss had me in a car, a fellow employee driving me, and the instructions “you keep me posted” ringing in my ears. ) Ever since then, my bosses keep an eye on me. In a good way! I’ve had my manager tell me to test my sugar, ask me what my sugar was because I was looking pale, and every time my Ollie goes off, they’ll look at me and lovingly joke, “she’s gonna blow!”. I seriously could not ask for a better work support team than I have. They have no problem with me changing my pods, no problem with me testing or needing to eat, and when I do have to leave early because of being sick…you better believe my booty is texting them as sooooon as I walk in my front door. Do you know what would happen should I forget? I’d get a few calls…then…I’d have someone at my door making sure I was okay. It’s amazing and BY FAR- soo much more than I could ask for in a management team.

All this being said, you can only imagine the conversations that were taking place when I realized my Ollie was half falling off. Luckily, it was the non-insertion side. I had JUST changed the pod the night before and there was noo way my cheapass was going to be wasting that pod to put on a new one. My one manager joked, “well there’s always duct tape”.

LIGHT BULB. Duct tape – I did. I ran to the back of our business where our service department was and put on my best doe-eyes while I asked a tech for some duct tape. When I emerged fro the bathroom I had my manager and my general manager’s eyes on me…. “no, you didn’t” I proudly lifted the corner of my shirt….

duct tape

They laughed at me, I laughed at me and we all shook our heads at how cheap I was. Two days later, they asked me how my duct tape was. I proudly lifted the opposite corner of my shirt where my new Ollie was and smiled,

“I didn’t waste a pump, AND I didn’t scream when the duct tape came off – guess I’m lucky I’m not hairy”!

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