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Dating with the Betes

The dating scene is a hard one and with all the new technology, it leaves even an experienced dater a little baffled. What’s the appropriate length of time to respond to texts? Do you accept their friend request before you go out? Is it okay to stalk their Instagram? Is it bad luck to google them to make sure they aren’t wanted in 13 states? When is a good time to tell them you’re battery operated?

I hold nothing back. Whether it’s a good or bad trait- it’s one I’ve got. With my crazy work schedule whenever anyone ever showed interest in me the first thing they had to know was: my schedule is hectic. Therefore, it was weeks sometimes while I was talking to someone (texts and calls and all) without actually seeeeing them. This sometimes worked out in my favor! If you talk to someone all day every day in some fashion, you learn A LOT. Sometimes more than you may bargain for right off the bat.

Liiiiiiiike with me. There for a while it seemed I was in and out of the ER like it was my job. Because of that I could be texting, texting, texting and then?! BAM!! stop. Not necessarily because I wanted to but because I was admitted! or passed out! or some other craziness due to the betes.

It took me a while after my ex-husband to be able to tell people right away about me being a diabetic. Why? For starters, there’s such a stigma attached to it! And it’s certainly not our faults! Buuuuuuut, telling someone you have a chronic disease that affects your everyday life? Not the easiest. However, for crap’s sake why not get it over with???

Semi-recently, a guy I met asked me out. Fine, no problem except the next day I was in the ER. Right. Not fun explaining that one! BUT! After asking if he could come to the hospital I was admitted in (granted- major points but helllllll no!!!) I realized something: not everyone is going to run. Not everyone is going to hear “ER, diabetic, type 1” and bolt. And let’s be honest…is anyone who does – worth it?? NO. Just plain ol’ – no.

The guy who asked me out- let’s call him….Pinky….got it. Gets it. And now when we go out to eat- will move over like a mofo to watch me do insulin through my pump. He’s interested. Or at the very least- nosey! But I still don’t know how to take this form of reaction so in my usual-Laura-way try to make a joke of it…but not going to lie-


My point is this- we are what we are what we are. We can’t change the fact we are so why fight it? Why hide it? I’m battery operated and you can either deal with that, or you can’t. By all means…if you can’t? Please let a real man(or woman) fill your shoes.

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