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Coffee please

I am a caffeine addict. Yes, addict. I used to bribe my dad to buy cases of SF Monster or SF Red Bull, and I’d be having at least 2 a day….plus my couple cups of coffee. It really wasn’t healthy. Or smart. Or practical. But what I’d always say was “If that’s the worst thing I do- I think I’m okay” Which- I still believe to be true. I don’t drink much, don’t smoke, drug freeeeee (except my insulin =D ) So yeah, caffeine is my crutch. (Though I have slowed waaaayyyy down)

I went to my favorite makeup store yesterday after work and it was a slam dunk! I had coupons that brought what would’ve been a $60 purchase down to $17 and then- had a gift card so BAM! No moolah out of pocket. On top of that!!! They were running some kind of special where if you spent $50 you got another $88 worth of products freeeee. It. Was. Like. Christmas.

After such a great time there and for nothing! I decided a celebratory cup of coffee was in order. So naturally, I drove my happy little self to go get a latte. I roll up to order speaker thingymajiggy, order my “latte light with a shot of SF french vanilla and an extra shot of turbo please” and then this is what I hear:

Soooo you want it completely sugar free?!” My response: “Uh, yeah please.” “I’m going to be honest with you- that’s going to be nasty

Pause. 1. it’s your company’s coffee so even if you thought it was going to be gross, why say that? 2. I’m a paying customer and I think I’m entitled to get my coffee however nasty I’d like it 3. It’s slow. I’m probably your first customer in over an hour and I don’t see any traffic waiting to come on in here on a Saturday evening at 6pm…so yes, maybe  you’re bored but at least I’m giving you something to do!


“Uhh….well that’s how I always get it and I like it.” “You always get it 100% sugar free?!” (Now I’m starting to get a little peeeeved) “Yes. I’m a diabetic so I’ll take a ‘nasty’ drink over one that could kill me” (okay, okay a little dramatic but I was trying to make a point)

He paused for a second and told me to drive up. This is where it got reeeeeaaaaaal interesting. After I roll on up to the window and hand him my card, the first words out of his mouth are: “You are way too young to be diabetic. You really should drink more water

My head almost spun around. Actually, I can’t honestly say that it didn’t. I simply can’t be sure of it.

He goes on to tell me how distilled water reverses Diabetes and how it’s all the pharmaceutical companies driving the increase of diabetes. How I probably don’t have diabetes at all and I’m just being told that to make them more money. Oh! And apparently, a better mindset on life in general will cure my diabetes and I’ll never need that “man-made money maker” again.

For the most part, I let this young know-it-all kid ramble on and make a fool of himself while I waited for his coworker to make my “nasty” drink…however, I finally had enough.

“Wow. Where have you been the past 17 years?! All I have to do is drink water and I can be cured of an incurable disease?!  Water is the secret key huh?? And then I’ll never need insulin ever again?!”

He apparently didn’t sense my sarcasm or anger because his response was “well I’m not sure how much water you’ll need to drink since I can’t see how big you are but yeah. Distilled water.”

Mind. Blown.

I bit my tongue and waited for him to hand me my danged latte. I didn’t even look at him as he handed me my cup of sugar-free-ness.

His stupidity didn’t ruin my latte. Or my night. It didn’t change the fact I need to remain sugar free or the fact that I’ll still go there for my fix. All it truly did was remind me of how uneducated people are. He’s entitled to his opinions, as we all are. However, I found it frustrating when he presented his opinions as facts.

As I dumped my mounds of new makeup out on the table and examined my treasures, I sipped my diabetic friendly latte with a smile. I liked it. I liked it was SF. I liked that even as a caffeine addict and even as T1D, I could get something not bad for me.

Dear Mr. Coffee Man,  On behalf of betics everywhere, I ask you to please keep your opinions on our medical care to yourself. This is for your safety as had I been in a crabby mood- I’m sure I would’ve gone off on your, which most likely would’ve resulted in no coffee for me, and a very  bad day for you.  Sincerely, Betics looking out for your best interest

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