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Coffee Mugs Don’t Lie

I have a mug that reads “love me, love my dog”. I got it as a stupid gift to myself after my divorce. And even though it’s just a little goofy something to drink my coffee out of- it’s true. You want in my life? I have a cute zoo that comes with me. Package deal.

What I really need is a mug that says “Like me? Be prepared for a wild ride”. On top of me not being, well, a normal girl – the diabetes really doesn’t help matters. As any honest diabetic will tell you, the betes really throws some wrenches in life.

The other day, as I was looking through my fridge, I happened to check out my insulin supply. Naturally, I keep my insulin in my butter storage area. It hit me. “Normal” people probably don’t keep drugs in the butter spot. I actually chuckled to myself as I imagine what it would be like to keep butter in there, and how weird it must be for someone to go into my fridge and see that.

My friends all know the rules, in my house -you make yourself at home. I love making coffee and playing a good host and all, but if my Sushi lets you in the house, you’re here enough to get your own drink. Or snack. Or realize there’s no butter in the special spot. Even though it’s such a small, little thought to have and when in actuality, keeping insulin in there is probably no big whoop – it’s still kind of… strange. But maybe that’s what being with a diabetic is like. Maybe the only type of person who can be with a betic, is a strange one!

I mean that in the best way!  To me, normal is boring and weird/strange/abnormal is a good thing.  Having betes is truly taking each day as it comes. I’m learning that maybe being a part of a diabetic dating, means finding someone who is comfortable with the ups and downs, the literal highs and lows and someone who is cool with the butter being thrown on a shelf. It’s a crazy life us betics have to live. Unfortunately, if you’re with a diabetic, it’s all part of the package. Which brings me back to my mug – “Like me? Be prepared for a wild ride”.

As I’ve said before in this blog, being a diabetic means you’re stronger than the average person. Been through more than the average person and ultimately (in my biased opinion) deserve more than just the average person to be with.

So cheers to every diabetic with a crazy mug that stands for so much more than what it actually reads! And cheers to betics everywhere who DON’T keep their butter in the special container! Most of all, here’s to finding us people who can put up with it all!

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