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Coffee Angel Food Cake

I don’t have a huge family. We’re a pretty small unit with big personalities. Birthdays for my aunts and uncles, therefore, were always pretty laid back. I have my Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Frank who lived right around the corner from me growing up. It was awesome. For Uncle Frank’s birthday, my AC would always make coffee angel food cake. Holy crap, I was in love. (and this may possibly be where my caffeine addiction began…hmm….) I loved this cake. So moist and spongey! Gahh! I loved it. Still do! Now neither of my parents are coffee drinkers. Rossimus (my brother) and I – somehow are. ((We often say we were adopted but that the two of us came from the same parents. haha)) When I moved out (and out of state) I wanted to be the perfect little housewife. I started learning how to really cook and bake and try to take on the world! (insert picture with cape flapping in the breeze here) One recipe I needed was my AC’s angel food cake. Turns out…it’s actually my Grandma’s recipe! (I was 8 months old when she passed so never got to know her) So! The first recipe I’m adding to my Bean’s Betes site will be this heavenly angel food cake.

I hope yall enjoy!

3 T. instant coffee angel food cake mix 2 small pkg. sugar free instant vanilla pudding 2 cup Milk heavy whipping cream 1 tsp vanilla 2 tsp Splenda

Dissove 2 tablespoons instant coffee in water called for in Angel Food cake mix.  Make cake as instructed on box, using the “coffee water” .  When cooled, cut cake horizontally so that there are three layers. Combine: 2 small packages instant SF vanilla pudding with milk called for in one pkg. (2 cups) Adding in 1 Tbps instant coffee t milk (using whisk to dissolve it). Spread pudding between layers. Whip heavy cream with 1 tsp splenda. “Ice” top and sides of cake with whipped cream.


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