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Butterscotch Candies

Why oh why in the world is most everything SF- butterscotch?! I’ve wondered this all of betic life. And 17 years later – I still have nooo freakin’ clue! I can appreciate a good ol’ butterscotch hard candy every now and then but all things all butterscotch all the time?! Noooo thank you!

Lately, I’ve been wanting chocolate like a crazy person. Our concierge at work was eating some the other day, and I swear it took everything in me to not take it from her hand and start munching on it. And it’s been a while since I wanted real chocolate! Usually, the SF chocolate and other candies get me through just fine and I don’t even think about sugarfull candy. But holy craaaaaap– I wanted chocolate in the worst way and didn’t have any SF to get me through! What made it worse was that I walked to the gas station to see if by annnyyy chance they had some – nope. They had SF hard candies but nothing chocolate. My coworkers probably thought I had lost my mind the way I was hunting for it!

I had never really noticed before how places like gas stations didn’t carry a large selection of SF … stuff in general actually! I usually get my SF haul when I go to the grocery store and ba-da-bing! I’m taken care of. It’s funny though, because if my sugar goes low and I run out of sugarfull candy in my purse and/or desk, what do i do? Walk to that same gas station to get candy (or juice). It’s weird that the same place I rely on for my “diabetic down” moments, doesn’t have what I need for  my “diabetic nooooww!!” moments. Little ironic.

 After thinking about this, I went back over to really check it out (and I may have been a little bored). I realized that in addition to sugarfull candy bars and of course a MUCH larger selection of drinks, there was sugarfull ice cream! Ice cream?! At a gas station?? Whaaaaaaa?

Dude. Now I wanted ice cream. 

 Of course I didn’t get any until about 10 hours later when I got home and had some hiding in my ever faithful freezer. Mmmmm… so that took care of that. Whew. Ice cream mission? Accomplished. But still! I never realized that places like gas stations carried ice cream! The things you don’t pay attention to when you’re a betic. Now, I understand that I had probably had seeeeeeen the ice cream a bajillion times and that it just never registered because it wasn’t something I’d be interested in. But now I can’t help but look for it in every gas station or convenience store I go into! (I have issues)

I guess what I’m getting at is- with SF things already being such a smaller selection of flavors and brands and types and all- can we have some SF chocolate in gas stations? Please? Like I said, I can enjoy a good ol’ butterscotch candy every now and again(which, yup! They sure had at my handy dandy gas station) but sometimes, a girl just needs her chocolate. Even an diabetic one!

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