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Airplanes And Insulin

Best part about being able to travel care-free? Eating my sugar-free raisins I found at a Houston candy shop! #fatkidatheart haha

I was sitting in the airport. Leggings on, comfy shirt, headphones in and! Pod on. I keep thinking back to the first time I flew w the pump- – I was terrified. I had all these visions running through my head if being taken to a side room, strip searched, questioned, and ultimately- crying. (Okay, okay I sometimes have an over active imagination) but the point is – with all the airport security now, and the pump being an attached device that can potentially beep and come across as weird to an uneducated person – eeek!!!! Overall, it wasn’t that bad though.

When I went up to the security person I told them I had an insulin pump on my right side and I put my hand on it. Baddabingbaddaboom. Went through the weird scanner thingymajiggy, stepped out and all I had to do was touch my pump with both my hands and then let then wipe my hands w some odd little paper looking like thing. They put the paper in this little machine and BAM! Done. Easy peasy. Pshhhhh no strip search. No side room. No interrogation. And no crying! Woot woot! Success! As I sat at my gate, waiting to board to visit good ol Texas, it’s funny how difficult I used to think it’d be to travel with Ollie. For some reason, I had it stuck in my little head that pump traveling would be 28458x more difficult to travel on the airlines than it was with my vial of insulin, needles, tester and the rest of the baggage. Of course, I always make sure I wear my Medic Alert when I travel. That way, in case there’s any questions- I have that extra layer of proof. (Plus, I’ve been trying to get a lot better about wearing it.)

I’ve got to admit, though, it’s really comforting knowing that even though soo many people seem to have no clue what type 1 diabetes really is- that traveling can still be easy for us betics!

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