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A New Day

Whenever I’m having an off day, it tends to read alllllll over my face. I don’t just mean just the “blahs” of not feeling good but the overall sugar spikes and roller coasters can be seen on my face. I swear people can see the track marks from the bus that just hit me.

My one manager in particular is a champ at calling me out on it. I rarely ever tell anyone at work what my numbers are, or how my day is going diabetes wise because, well? Frankly it doesn’t matter. I’m there to do a job and I will get it done. With a smile on my little face.

Soooo when the one manager asks me how I’m feeling (when I’m not feeling so hot) my response is always the same: “Tomorrow will be better” and I smile and make my way out of there as quickly as possible.  I’m not sure when I started saying this but I feel like it helps me somehow…

When our daughter was born, she already had many nicknames, Chewy, my jellyfish and within a few months we were also calling her “monkey” (not very original, I know). I now swear we spoke it into existence! Girl climbs in, on, over EVERYTHING!! I know, I know, that’s what kids do but this girl is a little peanut and manages to get up and over things twice her height and if I didn’t see it happening, I probably wouldn’t believe it.

Moony and I always joke that it’s our fault that she climbs how she does….after all it’s our calling her that, that led to it’s fruition! Haha

Now when I say “Tomorrow will be better”- I repeat it to myself. Over and over. And then over again. Ya know, most days? I’m right. Granted, I don’t give myself repeating it all the power for that, but I don’t think it hurts!

There’s sooo much BS in the life of diabetics that people dont see, that they dont understand, and so much that us diabetics don’t understand either! And although there are sure some days this disease gets me down- we are lucky enough to get a chance to start over at any point we want. I don’t feel like we always need to wait until a sunrise for a new start, we can reset any time we’d like! But, I do feel like the promise of a new day and therefore a new beginning just somehow feels better. More promising.

As always guys, keep on keepin’ on! A better day is only a sunset away.

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