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Well…I went to the endo yesterday and my head is still spinning. As I’ve said before, I love love love my endo now. He’s understanding, patient and lets me tell him exactly what’s going on- no need to lie. It’s great. With everything going on lately, I finally asked something that I’ve been avoiding asking for…a long time. I honestly am not even sure what made me ask it finally…but after sitting there with him for a little bit I heard the words “So what do you think about the CGMs” coming out of my mouth. Flashback a year ago and you told me I would be bringing it up- hah! No, really- I’d laugh.

The thought of a CGM does a couple different things to me: 1. Makes me anxious for better sugars 2. Makes me anxious to learn more about it and 3. Makes me nervous as all get out!!! I think I’ve mentioned before how insanely long it took me to hop on board the pump train…and somehow I keep by passing the CGM train as well. However, when I asked Dr. C – his face lit up and he got excited. “Yes yes! That would be so ideal for you!” His excitement actually made me wonder how come he had never  brought it up…but maybe he knew I’m not real good about changes when it comes to my betes. Also, I’m pretty sure I had mentioned to him how long it took me to get comfortable with the idea of a pump.

Anyway, we talked about the Dexcom that I can wear with my Omnipod and he told me about a Medtronic pump. I’m partial to my Omnipod honestly.  I love how there are no wires, no mess, no BS. However, Dr. C really seemed to love the Medtronic system, so I promised him I’d look into that as well. I’ve just started looking into these options but I have to admit- it’s a little overwhelming right now. The thought of having another little machine attached to me is freaking me out a little- though it makes no sense why. I’ve never minded the stares at the beach or the questions about why I’m beeping like a robot. (I’d rather be asked, explain it to people and help educate those who don’t know.)

Maybe it’s a superficial reason…maybe it’s because I genuinely don’t know where I’d put it…or maybe it’s just the fear of the unknown. But everything is unknown until we make a point to make it known right? So I guess I need to do the research, talk to some people and see how I feel about it. The good thing is that there’s no harm done in this. I fact find, I opinion gather and I make a choice. If I decide to go with it- I most likely will have better and more consistent sugars. If I don’t – I’m no worse off than I am at this exact moment – and I can live with that. Literally.

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