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I don’t think anyone is crazy enough to call diabetes “fun” but that doesn’t mean the things that go into your Betic care, can’t be!

There are so many products out there geared toward betics that it’s insanely difficult to stay on top of it all! And it’d be nuts to spend allllllllll the monies to try them all, only to have a handful be a good fit. (Let’s be honest, betes isn’t exactly a cheap disease)

Meet Bean’s Betes Box!

The first of its kind- a box created for betics, by a betic!

Annoyed with all the beeping? I hear you.
Tired of the finger sticks? I feel you.
Feeling invisible? I see you.

Betes is not a “one size fits all” disease. Let us help find the products that suit YOU and YOUR care wants/needs.

Whether you’re an injector or a pumper, a pricker or a cgm wearer - we’ve got you covered.

Get on the Beans Betes Box List Now!

Invoices will be sent in late May 2022.


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