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Welcome to Bean's Betes!

Hey y'all! I’m Laura. Most people, however, call me Bean. I’m noooo doctor. Let me repeat- I am no doctor. Just a regular ol’ Type 1 Diabetic who is tired of being talked at and not talked to, tired of being blamed for blood sugars I can’t explain and tired of not having the support I want- that I need. That’s why I made this: I want to talk issues I’ve faced (and continue to face) to help us all learn from them. And trust me, having had the betes for over 21 years now –

I have a lot to say!

First thing's first: no one ever promised fair. That’s why we have diabetes in the first place right? So yes, it’s not “fair” we have it. Yes, its not “fair” we have all the fun complications that go along with it and of course it isn’t “fair” that there arent as many sugar free ice cream options as regular! I feel once we get over that as a whole, we will all be better off… so go on… cruise around!

Hopefully you can laugh at my ridiculous moments, learn from my mistakes, and find a place where you feel comfy. Check out my blog for all my insanity and the recipes for some good eatin’!

Follow me at ” beansbetes ” on Instagram to how I keep my sweet life in order best I can!

Or email me at: ! I’m always open to suggestions on what you’d like to hear about! I’m a little open book!

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